Signs That World War III Might Start This Year

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Are there already signs out there that a new world war may break out?

It may not be something that most of us are thinking about on a daily basis, but there is a chance that these world conflicts could escalate into a bigger, world-scale war. Obviously, no nation would want to be the one that starts such a huge conflict again, given what history has shown us following WWI and WWII, but historians didn’t think they would have a world war that soon after the first one, and they were proven wrong.

It may not be a conflict in which the United States is directly involved, but we are backing countries in some of them or offering guidance and mediation in other ones. And since we are one of the biggest military forces in the world and many of our allies will be looking to us for help if such a war were to break out, it is good for us all to keep an eye on them to know what will happen.

It’s better to be prepared, so we have gathered the most important conflicts that are ongoing now so you too can be in the know if a world war were to break out this year!

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