Signs That World War III Might Start This Year

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The Problem with Taiwan

Taiwan is known to be important as a lot of the technology used in smart gadgets is made here. However, there is definitely a ton of unrest between the United States and China when it comes to the country. Despite China pushing for unification with the territory, which is also what one of the parties locally desires, there is a lot at stake, especially since the territory also pushes to be recognized internationally and pushes a Taiwanese identity policy, with other parties domestically pushing for this situation.

It is not known what will happen, yet Beijing has made it very clear for years that they are pushing for unification, with recent events showing how clearly they are pushing for this goal, becoming more and more assertive.  Following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei last summer, China has launched a number of military demonstrations near the median line between the two territories, as it saw it as support from the U.S. towards the independence of the country.

Despite worries that China may try to forcefully annex the territory, this may not be what Beijing will do. The regime continues to speak about peaceful unification, and they have probably taken notes from the international support Ukraine got after Russia invaded the country. They do not want to risk jeopardizing their economy with such a move.

It remains to be seen what will happen, especially if the next U.S. House Speaker plans to visit Taiwan, but if war were to break out in the region because China tried to attack Taiwan, it could launch further animosity and even a full-blown war between the world’s biggest military and economic powers.

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