Signs That World War III Might Start This Year

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The Ukraine-Russia War

Launched in February 2022, the Ukraine-Russian war has been ongoing longer than many would have thought. And definitely, way more than the Kremlin ever expected. And while the Ukrainian forces have bravely resisted the Russian assaults, there are parts of the country where the fight is close and where the Russians are advancing. With the recent developments in the area and the Russian drone strikes on Kyiv, we never know how the conflict can escalate.

Especially since there seems to have been some close animosities between Russia and the countries that are supporting Ukraine. With Putin now being named an international war criminal, Russia has started its own “investigation” into the judges that ruled the Kremlin ruler a war criminal. We are all aware of what that “investigation” is going to show. But there is still a lot of unrest over the conflict, especially since most of the west is backing Ukraine, and Russia is seeing that as hostility towards their country.

The bad thing is that Putin has been threatening nuclear strikes for a while now. And with the recent way in which he has been clowned by the media following his “visit” to the Donetsk region and how unstable and rash his decisions have been, there is no way to know if he will actually use nuclear force or even if he won’t invade other territories like he has been saying he wants to do.

If a war breaks out, it is more likely than not that our military will not join in the fight. After all, we have one of the best-prepared military forces in the world. However, sometimes military leaders make mistakes. Read all about the biggest US military mishaps here!

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