4 US Airports With The Worst Passenger Experience

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2. Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia (IAD)

We can agree upon the fact that this airport looks fancy with a modern vibe, but its location is very inconvenient. In fact, a lot of people say they got confused because of the layout, which makes no sense at all. Due to downtown Washington, D.C.’s 30-mile distance and the fact that the airport is still not a stop on the D.C. Metro train system, going to the terminal from the city it is meant to serve is also difficult. Furthermore, a lot of other people have complained about the fact that it’s also very hard to park your car around the location, and it’s also very crowded at certain hours.

3. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

The second airport on the list is the one located in Cleveland. Even if they promised it would be renovated in 2016, that was seven years ago, and nobody saw any radical changes since then. A lot of the areas are narrow and dull, and you also have limited accessibility. However, if you’ve been here at least once, then you probably know the struggle of huge lines at every gate.

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