4 US Airports With The Worst Passenger Experience

Photo by EQRoy from Shutterstock

4. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

Have you ever been to this airport? Besides being a pain in the neck to get there because of the intense traffic, your anxiety kicks in since you don’t know if you will be able to get there in time and most of the terminals are obsolete. Of course, the airport is not entirely to blame for this! Road delays are a result of significant road closures on long stretches of Interstate 95, and the fact that there aren’t enough police officers on duty to handle traffic hasn’t helped matters.

If you’ve been among the “lucky” ones who traveled from this airport, then you must have noticed the outdated look of the building as well. But unfortunately, because of the lack of money, any renovation won’t be done anytime soon.

If these four airports shocked you with their ugliness, we continued along the same vein by mentioning a couple of planes that are so old but are still in use for travel.  Watch out! Click on the next page to see which models we’re talking about.

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