4 US Airports With The Worst Passenger Experience

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  • Bombardier CRJ-200

Among all the models of Bombardier airplanes, the CRJ200 is the worst. Why? Its seats are way too small for a person to fit in, and the ceiling is too low. If you’re a tall person, you’re already familiar with this stuff whenever you travel. So if you’ve had the opportunity to get into a Bombardier CRJ200 before, you know what I’m talking about.

In case you also have motion sickness, our advice is not to get into this aircraft. Its windows are so small that you won’t be able to see out of them to calm your nausea.

  • Boeing 757-200

If you’ve ever flown with Boeing, you know how long it takes to unload. Many passengers comment on how long the lines might be to board and exit the flight. Furthermore, neither the airport nor impatient travelers are to blame for this mistake, because this is a direct effect of the airplane’s design. However, because everybody has a different opinion, there are some people who admit that the leg room is decent and the seat recline is also pretty good.

I guess it’s up to you to decide if the aircraft is suitable for your needs or not!

  • Airbus A340

This one is heavier and slower than dangerous. A lot of passengers that traveled with it reported that it took so long to take off the ground that they were actually afraid of canceling the flight. Which means that in comparison to other similar planes, passengers frequently experienced prolonged “popping” in the ears before and after landing. What do you think of it? Have you ever traveled with this aircraft?

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