12 Celebrity Deaths That Made 2021 Even More Devastating

Photo by Kathy Hutchins from shutterstock.com

10. Richard Donner

Born Richard Donald Schwartzberg on April 24, 1930, in the Bronx, New York City, he first wanted to be an actor until television director Martin Ritt encouraged Donner to become a director instead and hired him as his assistant. In his early directing career, he worked on over twenty-five television series, including classics like The Fugitive, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Kojak, and The Twilight Zone, to name a few.

In 1978 he would direct Christopher Reeve in what is regarded as the first modern superhero movie with ‘Superman: The Movie.’ His career would be filled with massive hits like the 1980s cult classics ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Scrooged .’ He would also revitalize the buddy film genre with the Lethal Weapon series. After Donner passed away on July 5, 2021, at his West Hollywood, California home, at the age of 91, Steven Spielberg led the tributes by calling him “The greatest Goonie of all.”

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  1. the safety protocols on set are fine, they were all broken that day Halyna Hutchins died. What needs to happen is an investigation as to who brought live rounds on set.

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