9 Signs That A Devastating Storm Is Coming

Photo by David Pereiras from shutterstock.com

Whether you’re climbing a hill or mountain, hiking through the forests, or just walking home from the grocery store, being able to read the weather can be crucial for staying safe. We’ve all been through bad storms where the wind, rain, or snow have battered us, or the rolling thunder and strikes of lightning have sent a wave of fear down our spines.

Storms don’t just appear out of nowhere as if by magic. Thankfully, there are certain signs and indicators you can look out for that, in some cases, can give you as much as 12 to 24 hours’ notice before the heavens open and the sky seems to fall.

But what are the warning signs and signals that will forewarn you that something nasty is coming your way? In no particular order, here are the 9 things to look out for so you can prepare for the coming storm.

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