9 Signs That A Devastating Storm Is Coming

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How To Prepare For A Storm

The global weather system is in constant flux, but wild weather can seemingly appear out of nowhere. So it makes a lot of sense to be prepared long before those dark, ominous clouds appear on the horizon. Here we have a small guide that will help you stay safe and minimize the damage when the storms come calling.

When the heavy rains start falling, having your gutters, downpipes, and drains clogged up with leaves and other debris can cause the water to overflow. Not only will this excess water tear the gutters from your roof, it can lead to mold and cause structural damage, but it can severely damage your home’s foundations.

While you’re up there cleaning everything out, look out for loose roof tiles as the accompanying high winds can turn them into lethal projectiles. Securing loose items is essential to ensure that other things don’t start flying around, causing damage or potentially injuring or even killing someone.

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