These 5 American Airports Are Extremely Dangerous!

Yeager Airport, West Virginia
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…How do airports make you feel?

Some people claim that flying is the safest mode of transportation. The creation of the airplane marked a technological and economical high point for humankind. If we think of how people used to live a few centuries ago, we can say that we’re pretty lucky to benefit from all the goods we have today.

Many years ago, people needed to travel by train or by car, and it took them tens of hours, if not even days, to get to the place they wanted to. Now, all you have to do is book a flight, and in 10 hours you can arrive in Europe.

Thanks to the airplane, travel became much less complicated. But there are some things that make us feel a bit insecure. If there are a lot of accidents at the airport, it might not always be safe to fly.

Speaking of that, there are some dangerous airports in the United States, and we want to show you all of them so you can be extra careful the next time you need to travel from or to any of them. Here they are:

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6 thoughts on “These 5 American Airports Are Extremely Dangerous!”

  1. Add the airport on Santa Catalina Island in California where you land and take-off on a runway that drops precipitously at its abrupt ending. Also, check out the airport in Palomar in Southern California where the runway is gravel and has a big hump in it (at least this was the case in the early 80s).

  2. Used to fly into Midway almost weekly. It is so compact that planes almost touch wings when taxiing but the worst part is that it is surrounded by r esidential neighborhood and the planes land and take off directly over building roofs. Very tight.

    John Wayne: take offs are not a big deal if you know what to expect. Always takeoff toward the West and over the water, climb fast and then cut power and fall about 1000′ until the plane is past Lido Isle and over the ocean.

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