These 5 American Airports Are Extremely Dangerous!

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5. Yeager Airport, West Virginia

One of the most dangerous airports in the United States is Yeager Airport, which is situated in West Virginia. Located at the peak of the mountain, the one runway that exists is shockingly short. If the pilot makes a mistake during takeoff, the only option is to crash into one of the cliffs.

If you’re a passenger in one of the planes that take off from this airport, you’re more likely to feel scared and even panicked, as the runway is on a level hill with sheer drops of 300 feet on all sides.

We’re not trying to sound dramatic, but there is a risk of falling over the edge if the pilots overshoot the runway. The mountain also has a history of mudslides, such as the one that occurred in 2015 and swept a large portion of land down into the valley below.

…So if you have anything to do with this place, make sure you’re extra careful!

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6 thoughts on “These 5 American Airports Are Extremely Dangerous!”

  1. Add the airport on Santa Catalina Island in California where you land and take-off on a runway that drops precipitously at its abrupt ending. Also, check out the airport in Palomar in Southern California where the runway is gravel and has a big hump in it (at least this was the case in the early 80s).

  2. Used to fly into Midway almost weekly. It is so compact that planes almost touch wings when taxiing but the worst part is that it is surrounded by r esidential neighborhood and the planes land and take off directly over building roofs. Very tight.

    John Wayne: take offs are not a big deal if you know what to expect. Always takeoff toward the West and over the water, climb fast and then cut power and fall about 1000′ until the plane is past Lido Isle and over the ocean.

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