These 5 American Airports Are Extremely Dangerous!

Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, Colorado
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1. Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, Colorado

When it was opened in 1946, Aspen-Pitkin County Airport was operated by a private company. This airport is thought to be one of the most dangerous in the United States because it is in a very dangerous area.

According to sources, numerous aircraft crashes, including a fatal 2001 Gulfstream charter jet landing, have occurred at the airport since it first opened. The damages were insane, and the worst part is that 18 people died in the collision. Some people claim that a safe landing for an aircraft is almost impossible in this area.

As many experts say, a pilot needs particular training in order to carefully land in snowy Aspen. Because of its unusual position between 2 mountains, landing and taking off might be difficult for aviators coming from different directions.

However, both the runway and the whole terminal had been renovated, but although the runway’s length was increased to 8,006 feet in 2011, accidents are still likely to occur on it.

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6 thoughts on “These 5 American Airports Are Extremely Dangerous!”

  1. Add the airport on Santa Catalina Island in California where you land and take-off on a runway that drops precipitously at its abrupt ending. Also, check out the airport in Palomar in Southern California where the runway is gravel and has a big hump in it (at least this was the case in the early 80s).

  2. Used to fly into Midway almost weekly. It is so compact that planes almost touch wings when taxiing but the worst part is that it is surrounded by r esidential neighborhood and the planes land and take off directly over building roofs. Very tight.

    John Wayne: take offs are not a big deal if you know what to expect. Always takeoff toward the West and over the water, climb fast and then cut power and fall about 1000′ until the plane is past Lido Isle and over the ocean.

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