7 Inventions That Were a Global Disaster

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3. Glow-in-the-dark tires

On a brighter note, after the two inventions mentioned above that were terrifying, glow-in-the-dark tires were absolutely amazing for the time when they were invented. Though the concept had been discussed since the 1950s, Goodyear didn’t begin seriously considering it until the early 1960s. These tires, made of synthetic rubber (Neothane), were acclaimed as one of the “most dramatic tire changes in the history of the business.” The translucent substance was employed by Goodyear, which dyed it in a variety of hues, including vivid green, yellow, blue, and red, to mention a few. The team then installed 18 tiny light bulbs—basically dash lights—inside the tires to give them the luminous appearance shown in the picture above.

However, despite their amazingly fancy look, these tires weren’t that good if the streets were wet or in extremely warm temperatures, which is why they didn’t last that long on the road.

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