7 Inventions That Were a Global Disaster

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6. Electrical face mask

If you have this mask, you will never visit a beauty salon again, they say. Well, I better not! This mask, called “The Rejuvenique,” was invented for beauty purposes only but in fact was pretty harmful for your face and skin. Its mechanism was based on electrical impulses that were sent to different areas of the face in order to make it appear younger after the procedure.

And because it stands out among those awful inventions, this mask never worked, and the only thing that it was able to do was make you look like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies.

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7. Parachute jacket

Can you believe that this specific invention killed its creator? Frantz Reichelt dedicated his entire life to developing a jacket that pilots might wear that, in the event that they had to eject, could transform into a parachute. He successfully tested the early iterations on dummies. Unfortunately, those models were unwearable.

He requested permission from the Parisian authorities in 1912 to test his most recent invention by leaping from the Eiffel Tower, and they eventually agreed, believing he was using a test subject. But he suddenly declared that he would jump to see for himself. Despite the fact that other people tried to stop him from jumping, he did it anyway. He died after falling from a height of 300 meters.

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