5 Reasons Why The US Might Start a War in 2023

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1. Territorial gain

A nation may determine that it requires more land for population, agriculture, or other uses. Furthermore, territory can act as “buffer zones” between two hostile adversaries. Proxy wars relate to buffer zones. These conflicts involve rival countries engaged in covert warfare in a third nation. The side that best serves each power’s logistical, military, and economic interests is the one that is supported. For example, during the Cold War, proxy conflicts were extremely prevalent.

This was also true in today’s world issues, because Vladimir Putin was also interested in “regaining” the Ukrainian territory that once belonged to Russia.

2. Ideological

Again, think about Putin. Most analyses of the ongoing conflict focus on his nationalist preoccupations and desire for an illustrious legacy. He is willing to make whatever sacrifices and take whatever risks are necessary in the name of his ideology and pursuit of greatness. This is only one illustration of the numerous leaders’ intellectual and intangible motivations for going to war, such as the glory of God, freedom, or a particular nationalist ideal.

Societies also have ideological motivations. Despite what (at first glance) appeared to be relative military weakness, the people of Ukraine refused to accept significant limitations on their sovereignty, unlike the citizens of Belarus or Kazakhstan. They’ve been prepared to take on the devastation and hazards of fighting in pursuit of a goal, just like freedom movements throughout history, including the American revolutionaries.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why The US Might Start a War in 2023”

  1. The problem is, Biden wants to please everybody, and that is a mayor issue.
    Biden’s foreign policies are also a disaster as we write.I say ruthless at its best.
    Instead of sending Military equipment, why not try to negotiate a peace treaty?

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