5 Reasons Why The US Might Start a War in 2023

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5. Uncertainty

How long will Ukrainians put up a fight? What are Putin’s future strategies? These questions and a hundred others are fundamentally uncertain. However, this uncertainty does not imply that the costs of war are uncertain and that the invasion of Ukraine was a “gamble.” They knew exactly what they were doing, but most probably they didn’t expect to face the fact that the global population would turn against them, not by entering the war but by limiting them or even denying them access to many of the benefits.

What are the chances that in the next year everything will fall to pieces? What do you think about this situation? Tell us in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why The US Might Start a War in 2023”

  1. The problem is, Biden wants to please everybody, and that is a mayor issue.
    Biden’s foreign policies are also a disaster as we write.I say ruthless at its best.
    Instead of sending Military equipment, why not try to negotiate a peace treaty?

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