6 Celebrities’ Last Photos Before Death

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#5 Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury died at the age of 45 due to AIDS complications. This picture was the last one we have of the late singer, and it is still just one taken in 1991, not necessarily taken close to the time when she passed away.

The lead singer of Queen had denied all rumors that he may have AIDS, due to his not wanting to associate himself with the media scandal it would cause and because he wanted to be as focused as he could be on his career. A day before he passed away, he released a statement in which he admitted that he was positive for HIV and explained his position as he had always been a private person. He also urged people to join the fight against the disease.

He asked people to keep respecting his privacy; however, less than 24 hours after the statement was released, he passed away from AIDS-induced bronchopneumonia.

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