6 Celebrities’ Last Photos Before Death

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#2 Marilyn Monroe

Back in August 1962, Marilyn Monroe took this picture with a close friend of hers, jazz pianist Buddy Greco. This was about to become one of the last pictures in which the star is still alive, as she was found dead in her home a few days after this picture was taken. Her psychiatrist found her body in her Los Angeles home.

The psychiatrist was visiting her since it was known that the star was struggling with various mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, chronic insomnia, and low self-esteem. Unfortunately, the simple check-in moment turned into a tragedy. The official cause of her death was ruled a probable suicide because they found a large number of barbiturates in her system (often used as insomnia medication or known as sleeping pills), as well as because she was known to have suicidal ideation, mood swings, and a previous record of overdosing.

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