11 Global Warming Effects You Should Expect To See ASAP

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Climate Change

Irregular weather patterns might start already to show results. I’m talking here about more rain that has been already noticed in the polar and sub-polar regions, and that has never been seen before.

The advanced state of global warming can be seen in the evaporation pace, which only causes more rains. Animals and plants can’t adapt so easily to increased rainfall, so plants might die and vanish and animals might start migrating to other areas, which will make the entire ecosystem fall out of balance.

Rise in droughts

Even if in some areas there might be flooding, severe drought is still happening in other parts of the world. The warmer the temperatures, the more persistent is going the be the presence of drought, especially in the western U.S.

On top of the heat waves and the lack of any kind of precipitation, entire forests have started to burn to the ground, including tens of millions of trees in Colorado’s Rockies. Large-scale evaporation could be the major cause of droughts in many places, especially in Africa.

Even if it is reeling under the immense pressure of the water crisis, increased global warming could make things even worse, causing malnutrition.

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