11 Global Warming Effects You Should Expect To See ASAP

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Effect on agriculture

Global warming can negatively affect agriculture, and that’s a fact. Even if the results aren’t visible yet, they might show the effects in the following years. The more the global temperatures will rise, the harder it will become for plants to survive, and they will eventually die.

Plants are the first source of food for human beings, so a food shortage is likely to occur at some point. The shortage of food could lead to wars and conflicts in many countries.

Unexpected heat waves

If you thought that last summer’s headlines about sudden temperatures were mind-blowing, hold on tight, this is just the beginning. Due to greenhouse gases and other various causes, unexpected streaks of unstable and severe weather might be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to global warming.

Heat waves might be the root cause of dangerously hot weather in the last couple of years, as more deaths have occurred because of heat waves than in the last 60 years.

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