11 Global Warming Effects You Should Expect To See ASAP

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Severe precipitation

There is insurmountable scientific evidence that the effects of global warming are here to stay, particularly certain types of events, such as extreme precipitation, which is on the rise. Global warming might also create conditions that could lead to more powerful hurricanes and even summer storms.

Cities and towns on the coast, for example, where the sea levels are already rising, have to face even more challenges, as the precipitation comes with severe flooding.

Longer/shorter seasons

If you’re an enthusiast of fall or spring, global warming might take you by surprise. Whatever climate you prefer, you should expect to see it happening sooner and shorter. Global warming affects the way spring is occurring 10 days sooner than it used to in the past.

And even if it’s nice to go from snow pants to shorts much faster, this could also cause flooding from reservoirs filling way too soon, and even droughts caused by the fact that there’s not enough precipitation to provide the needed nourishment for crops.

Effect on crops

If the seasons are changing, the weather patterns might start to go berserk, and the flooding that’s occurring because of the rising sea levels has 0 chance to survive. Once the food processing industry will go haywire, the economy will start crash. The price of staple crops will suddenly skyrocket, causing inflation and even more economic disasters.

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