7 Most Dangerous Serial Killers of all Time

6. Aileen Wuornos

Serial Killer
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As we have seen so far, serial killers are mostly men, but it’s not mandatory. Women are capable of committing such crimes as well, but it’s not as common. That is because generally, men are more likely to have the physical force that killing someone requires. And women are often times not strong enough to do so. But Aileen Wuornos is one of the women who managed to show that females can be just as brutal as men.

Aileen had a long history of adultery and a difficult life when she reached maturity. She had to give birth to a kid for placement when she was 14 years old, and then return to her nasty lifestyle of prostitution, stealing, and scamming – a killer was on the way. Aileen killed at least 7 men who frequented her commercial sex activities between 1989 and 1990.

Wuornos was deemed accountable for the deaths as bodies began to appear in front of the public. She defended herself by alleging that she killed her victims in self-defense after they attempted to rape her. Her stories didn’t make up, and she was put to death by lethal injection in 2002.

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