Attention! 5 Signs a Tornado Will Hit Your State

What is a tornado?

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A tornado is a fast spinning cluster of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the area of the earth. This mobile cloud of air and dust progresses beneath a massive storm outbreak. They are visible and easy to recognize and it’s very important to know it’s early signs, where it’s most likely to streak and how to react in such a situation.

They are one of the most hazardous weather phenomena because their extremely violent winds may inflict catastrophic damage and even kill people. Tornado winds may reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour, easily damaging homes and structures, uprooting trees, and tossing vehicles and other heavy material around like toys.

The United States is more frequently struck than any other country in the world, and while the Southeast and Midwest are the most exposed, tornadoes can strike everywhere in the country. There are frequently multiple warning indications of an incoming tornado before it happens.

Keep reading until the end to become a tornado expert and learn everything about them, including how to detect the early signs in order to seek shelter.

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