7 Dangerous U.S. Destinations You Should NEVER Visit

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1. Death Valley (California)

Before saying anything, we believe its name is quite self-explanatory. Now, Death Valley is probably one of the most dangerous tourist locations in the United States. It is quite hostile both in the winter and summer. For instance, during the winter season, mountains can cause sudden flooding in the whole area.

During the summer, the air temperature has reached even 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius). The severe heat has killed several people in the past, and it will continue to kill anyone who’s reckless enough to visit Death Valley during a heat wave.

This place is also known for its venomous animals and rocky roads. You’ll definitely need a seasoned guide to cross through the dangerous wildlife and lots of natural traps.

2. The Big Island (Hawaii)

Hawaii consists of eight islands, each with a different level of tourism. But one of them is quite special: the Big Island. This place has seen a decline in the number of tourists due to volcano activity. As you already know, lava has the potential to destroy everything in its path — and it does that!

Officials insist that volcano eruptions only affect a small part of the island, yet the facts show otherwise: tourism has decreased by more than half. No matter how lovely the island is, lava is one of those things that you don’t want to mess around with.

Make sure there’s no risk from volcanic eruption before visiting this dangerous place.

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