7 Dangerous U.S. Destinations You Should NEVER Visit

Appalachian Trail
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3. Appalachian Trail (Tennessee)

Sure, there are plenty of wild animals that can bite or claw you to death, but that isn’t the most dangerous thing you’ll face on the Appalachian Trail. Parasites, pathogens, viruses, and anything that can get into your blood or under your skin are the biggest peril you can face.

The worst thing that can happen — at least in terms of disease — is that you can get Lyme Disease. It would be better to get slightly injured or get lost than to struggle with the disease. These dangers aren’t that common, but they are worth considering if you decide to go on an adventure on the Appalachian Trail.

4. Grand Canyon (Arizona)

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the US, can be extremely dangerous to visitors. You probably think that falling is the most common way for tourists to die. Although some people do slip and fall, this isn’t the leading cause of death.

One in every 400,000 tourists actually dies after falling at the Grand Canyon. This adds up since there are at least 5 million visitors per year. So, how exactly do most people die? The most common causes of death are heatstroke and dehydration. Don’t forget to bring a hat and some water with you if you want to visit the Grand Canyon.

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