4 Most Violent Areas in New York City

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We’ll start with one of the neighborhoods that is still dangerous for visitors and residents alike, but it is by no means a better bet to go for a walk here than the rest of the ones on our list. You may have heard of Bedford-Stuyvesant from one of Biggie’s raps; he referenced it in the lyrics “Do or die, Bed-Stuy”, and if we are honest, it is not as bad as it was back then. Still, this Brooklyn neighborhood is still one where violent crimes can happen in broad daylight or where robberies can go south quickly.

You have to be on your toes at all times in Bed-Sty, as the chances that you are going to become a victim are high, with 1 in 35 people becoming one here. It’s not a surprise when you take into consideration that the violent crime rate goes up to 1,065 per 100,000 individuals. If you are looking to move here, make sure that you do not consider this part or anything too close to this neighborhood. Likewise, if you are visiting and looking for accommodation, it is good to steer clear of this neighbogurhood.

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