4 Most Violent Areas in New York City

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Hunts Point

If there is only one of the neighborhoods on this list that is going to stay with you, it should definitely be this one. Hunts Point is one of the areas of the Bronx that has gotten one of the worst reputations to date. Not only is it known that it is extremely unsafe, even for the residents, but its bad reputation goes beyond the general crimes you would expect to see. They are known to be a place where you can find illegal substances and solicit intimate services from women on the street without issue.

The chances that you can become a victim in this neighborhood are high, with a ratio of 1 in 22 people who come to the neighborhood having reported something happening to them. The crime rate is also not any better, with the violent one reaching 1,944 for every 100,000 people and the general crime rate being 4,557 for the same 100,000 people.

The most concerning part is the fact that assault crimes are at an all-time high in Hunts Point, and if you are going to visit New York City anytime soon, we definitely recommend that you steer clear of this part of the city at all costs.

Yet, it is not just neighborhoods that can be dangerous! This feeling of not being safe can also be applied to whole states! To read about which states in the United States of America are considered the most unsafe, make sure to click here!

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