4 Most Violent Areas in New York City

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If you have heard about the history of ill-famed neighborhoods in New York City, then you have definitely heard of Brownsville. Not only does it have a high rate of drug-related deaths, murders, and homicides, but it has made a name for itself as a bad part of the city even before we knew how high these crime rates were. The homicide rate is four times higher than the one for the rest of the city, and this alone is a sign that you should not just go for a stroll in this part of the city with no worry.

The chance of becoming a victim of any type of crime is not worth it as it is pretty high, landing at about 1 in 36 people, and the overall rate goes as high as 2,810 per 100,000 individuals. Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to visit this Brooklyn neighborhood, as it is not safe, and since it will be easy to spot a tourist or just a general non-local, you should definitely not linger around!

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