4 Chilling Facts About Plane Crashes Pilots Will NEVER Tell You

plane crashes
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#1 Smaller planes are more likely to crash than commercial flights!

When it comes to what is more dangerous, it is way more likely that something will go badly on a smaller plane than it would on the big commercial flights we are all used to seeing. And the numbers also back this up! Back in 2014, when it came to US flights, there were zero casualties when it came to commercial flights, while when looking at small flights (which are called “general aviation”), there were 252 deaths in the same year!

This stems from the fact that smaller planes are more often than not operated by amateur or inexperienced pilots and are often run from small airports that do not have the best-maintained runways. These factors, together with the fact that smaller planes are not flown on a regular basis, therefore their maintenance is not as carefully monitored, all contributed to the high number of crashes and casualties!

Another fun fact about small planes (if we can call it that) is that pilots tend to run out of fuel at a high frequency, which contributes to the high number of crashes!

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