4 Chilling Facts About Plane Crashes Pilots Will NEVER Tell You

plane crash
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#2 Most often it is the pilot’s fault!

While it is easy to blame plane crashes on the plane, what most people will not share with you is the fact that they are likely the fault of the pilot and not of the hardware! Boeing estimates that about 80% of all the crashes their planes have been involved in are due to human error!

And while it is human to make mistakes, when you are operating a metal box that weighs tons of pounds, you need to be as careful as possible. Studies have shown that most common accidents involve pilots crashing into water, mountains, or the ground, and they are either caused by distracted pilots, poor visibility, or even navigation mistakes. Sometimes, malfunctions in the plane and its hardware can contribute to the pilot’s mistakes.

Even so, most crashes of all causes happen during landing, not in the horror scenarios most people have in mind of planes falling out of the sky.

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