4 Chilling Facts About Plane Crashes Pilots Will NEVER Tell You

plane crash
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#3 Russian and Africa have the most plane crashes!

Surprisingly, these two regions of the world have the most plane clashes, especially if we stop to look at the number of passengers that use this mode of transportation and the number of flights that come in and out of the country!

The reason why Russia has such a high rate of plane crashes is because they are using their own type of jet. These Russian-made planes are part of an aging fleet that is still being operated, and word on the street is that it is very difficult to find new parts and even maintain such aircraft.

When looking at Africa, their increased accidents are generally both due to the poorly maintained planes and the runways, which are pretty lacking in most parts of the country. Add to these problems the fact that the pilots do not have extensive training and the reduced rate of enforced governmental regulations when it comes to all flight safety standards, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster for certain parts of the continent!

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