4 Chilling Facts About Plane Crashes Pilots Will NEVER Tell You

plane crashes
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#4 When it comes to casualties, it’s all or nothing!

Despite these incidents being extremely scary and most of the ones we hear of being the ones that end up having the most casualties, plane crashes end up having the highest survival rates when it comes to accidents. On average, more than 81% of the passengers who have been involved in aviation accidents survive. Part of this high number is that the most common type of accident is an improper landing, and in those cases, it is easy to get everyone off the plane before something more nefarious happens.

However, there are cases where the crash caused the deaths of more than 80% of all its passengers. Those are the ones we consider “proper plane crashes,” and they generally involve the fall of the plane from the air and its collision at high speeds with water or the ground!

So generally, when there are aviation accidents happening, the chances are split: it is either the case that you will survive or that you are unlucky and most of the people on board the plane will be casualties!

And when it comes to plane crashes, the data shows us that some airlines are more prone to having these disastrous events than others! Read all about the airlines with the most plane crashes here!

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