8 Crazy Deadly Weapons That Are Still Legal in Most States

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1. Homemade Guns

People in the US have been making their own guns at home for centuries. In fact, the practice is pretty deeply rooted in our tradition and constitutional history.

So yes, under federal law, anyone can make their own firearm. These homemade weapons (shotguns, handguns, or standard rifles) don’t need approval, registration, or a serial number. Yet, according to the ATF, homemade firearms are perfectly legal as long as the gun maker doesn’t sell the weapon.

Deadliest feature: These guns can be unpredictable.

2. Wild Kat Keychain

This may seem like an accessory to some, but it’s in fact a deadly weapon. At first glance, wild kat keychains look like harmless dog or cat keychains. However, they are actually used as very dangerous self-defense weapons.

Deputies say this kind of weapon is known as a Plastic Knuckle Duster, which falls under the category of brass knuckles. According to the group Individual Defensive Tactics, the keychain is legal in most states. However, you should check with your local police department.

Deadliest feature: This weapon may look cute, but those ears are quite sharp.

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