8 Crazy Deadly Weapons That Are Still Legal in Most States

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5. The M134 General Electric Minigun

The M134 is a gun of US origin. It was made by General Electric in 1960 as firepower for helicopters and to also be used in aircraft gun pods. Its name was given by the US Army, and the marketing name Minigun has become very popular and is now even used to describe rotary barrel weapons in general.

According to the National Firearms Act, any Minigun developed before 1986 is legal for civilian use.

Deadliest feature: The weapon can fire up to 160 times per second.

6. Tactical Baton

A tactical baton is a roughly cylindrical club made of plastic, metal, rubber, or wood. It’s carried as a defensive weapon or compliance tool by security guards, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and correctional staff.

Baton laws vary by state. Arizona and Vermont allow residents to own batons as long as they don’t engage in unlawful activities. However, carrying any type of club weapon is prohibited in California.

Deadliest feature: Imagine being hit with a solid steel stick.

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