8 Crazy Deadly Weapons That Are Still Legal in Most States

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3. Ghost Guns

Ghost guns are untraceable and unserialized firearms that anyone can purchase online and assemble at home. They usually come as a “ghost gun kit”, which contains all of the parts necessary to build your own firearms at home.

These dangerous kits are widely available and can be bought by anyone, including gun traffickers, domestic abusers, and prohibited purchasers—without a background check. Ghost guns can even be 3D printed at home, undermining the life-saving policies.

Deadliest feature: While in 2017, about 1,629 ghost guns were sold, this number rose to 19,273 in 2021.

4. Stun Gun

A stun gun is an electrical self-defense device that emits a high pulse to stun an attacker. While it’s a non-lethal weapon, it’s still dangerous. People usually use this type of gun for personal protection.

It can be easily bought on Amazon without any training or background checks. According to experts, stun guns and other electronic self-defense devices are legal in most states. There are a few exceptions, though. Rhode Island and Hawaii have laws that ban the ownership of stun guns.

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