8 Crazy Deadly Weapons That Are Still Legal in Most States

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7. Silver Single Mace

The single mace is a weapon that was used in battle by both horseback and foot soldiers. It measures 19 inches overall, and it features a silver-spiked mace ball that’s attached to the wooden handle with a chain.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy this heavy-duty medieval weapon. The laws vary from state to state, but it won’t be shipped to New York, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, or Massachusetts.

Deadliest feature: The chain makes it easier to get hit from a distance.

8. Knuckle Dusters

Knuckle dusters, also known as brass knuckles, are hand-held weapons made of metal that have finger holes that fit over the user’s fingers. They can be used to inflict damage and tremendous pain on an opponent during an attack or fight.

Knuckle dusters are illegal in many parts of the globe due to their potential for causing serious injuries. In the US, however, they are legal in most states.

Deadliest feature: The knuckle dusters’ weighted lead packs quite a punch.

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